Art by Janet Staples

Artist Profile

From an early age, folk artist Janet Staples has demonstrated a deep love

for painting. An accomplished decorative painter, her talents include folk art and

trompe l’oeil.

Art Genre

  1. -Murals

  2. -Paintings

  3. -Pencil Portraits

  4. -Trompe l’oeil


From an early age, Janet Staples has demonstrated a deep love for artistic expression.  Her gift of color and design guides her applications that vary in style and approach.

 An accomplished decorative painter, Janet's techniques include both folk art and trompe l'oeil (fool the eye).  Objects she has enriched range from those painted under a magnifying glass to a mural of over 750 square feet in size.


Janet's passion for painting is rivaled by her love for drawing.  Her pencil portraits capture the spirit of her subject in a truly remarkable way.  Her murals have brought to life the walls of children's nurseries, opened the ceilings of dining rooms and enlivened the atmosphere of commercial businesses.


While Janet's love of art is profound and her talent deep, her commitment to family is unsurpassed.  She and her husband Todd have four children and three grandchildren.  They reside in their hometown of Palestine and worship at Norwood Heights Baptist Church.


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